Accounts Info Required

6 November 2017

Company year end date

Unless you're in your first year of trading or have changed your company year end, accounts are generally prepared for a 12 month period up to the company year end date.

If you're not sure when your company year end is - then click here to access Companies House website and type in your company name and you will be able to find out.

If your company year end is 31 March 2018, this means we would prepare the accounts for the period 01 April 2017 - 31 March 2018.

If you're in doubt of what period you should be sending information for, just pop us a quick e-mail.

Bank statements

When doing a set of accounts, we need to ensure we know what every single bank transaction is for to correctly calculate the company tax liability.

To do this, we will require copies of all company bank accounts, savings accounts and credit cards for the 12 month period to your company year end date.

Ideally, send us both a pdf and .csv copy of all your bank statements.

Sales invoices & investment income

Please send us all of your company sales invoices for the year.

This will enable us to marry up your sales invoices with your company bank account and ensure all invoices are fully paid and accounted for.

If your company is engaged in any financial investment activity (stocks, shares, bonds, funds) then please forward us all relevant information.

If in doubt - send it.

Personal expenses

If you’re paying for things using your own personal debit card or cash and claiming these on behalf of the company, then we will require a breakdown of these along with supporting receipts/purchase confirmation so we can prove to HMRC that they’re genuine should the need ever arise.

If you’re claiming mileage then please send us details of all your trips and the number of miles in a clear spreadsheet.

Purchase invoices

If you’ve got any annually recurring subscriptions then please send us copy invoices as we will need to apportion the cost correctly in the accounts.

These typically include things like insurance, professional body subscriptions and other annual commitments.

Asset purchases

If you’ve purchased any higher value assets during the year (things like laptops, mobile phones, motor vehicles) then please send us copies of these so we can include them on your company asset register and ensure full corporation tax relief.

Anything else

If you’re not on our FreeAgent accounting package and you prefer to keep your own spreadsheets then please send these over to us.

If you’ve had any letters or correspondence from HMRC or Companies House then include these also.

The general rule is that if in doubt, then send it anyway.

Checklist of information

  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Investment information
  • Sales invoices
  • Personal expenses
  • Mileage
  • Purchase invoices
  • Asset purchases
  • HMRC/Companies House correspondence
  • Anything else you think might help

Do you need help managing your accounts?

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