Confirmation Statement

21 July 2017

What is a Confirmation Statement?

In essence, a Confirmation Statement is an annual piece of admin limited companies are required to file every year to Companies House. This does not apply to you if you are not a limited company.

The purpose is to update Companies House as to whether there have been any new shareholders, directors, share class changes and other bits and pieces of important information that are stored on the official register at Companies House.

What about the Annual Return?

If you've had a limited company prior to 2016 then you (or your accountant) would have filled out an Annual Return. The Confirmation Statement is basically the same thing but with a new name and a few bells and whistles and replaces the old Annual Return.

When does it have to be filed?

It needs to be filed once a year.

Every limited company has a different filing date and it is due 12 months after the date the last Confirmation Statement was filed. If you want to know when your statement is due, simply go to the below link and type in your company name:

At Source Accounting we keep a database of all client Confirmation Statement due dates so we will remind you. Companies House will also send letters to the company registered office (can be seen on the above link) advising when it will be due for filing.

Does it cost anything?

Unfortunately yes! Companies House charge £13 to file the statement. Note that this is not included in any of our monthly fee packages.

How do you file it?

You have two options:

Option 1:

We can do it for you for £30 + VAT (includes the £13 filing fee). We will do the Confirmation Statement for you and pay the fee to Companies house on your behalf. Job done and you don't need to worry about it for another year.

Option 2:

You can file it yourself. You will need to set up an account with Companies House here (there is a little Register button at the top left under the Companies House logo). Once you've set up an account and logged in there is a quick 5 minute video you can watch which will show you what to you.

If you need help - just Google search "how do I file my confirmation statement?" - this website and also this one are good sources of help and information.

You'll also need your 6 digit alphanumeric Companies House authentication code - just give us a shout if you need this as we will have it on file

What happens if it doesn't get filed?

If you forget to file a Confirmation Statement by the deadline you won’t be fined for sending it late.

If you don't file it at all, your company could be struck off the register because Companies House will assume it is no longer trading.

If this happens, your company will cease to exist and its assets will pass to the Crown (this means company bank account money!!) and the directors may face prosecution.

Remember that as the director of a limited company it is you who is ultimately responsible to ensure the Confirmation Statement is filed! :)

Do you need more information about the confirmation statement?

Follow this link to contact the team at Source Accounting to find out more