Contractor Insurance

31 October 2017

Contractor Insurance

What is contractor insurance? Why do you need it? How is it useful for you? Hopefully this post will answer a few of your most pressing questions.

We know that talking about/reading about/listening to someone talk about insurance probably doesn’t seem like the most thrilling way for you to spend the next few minutes, but give it a go. Trust us! It’s not as bad as you think. Having adequate cover in place is an increasingly essential part of conducting and growing a business as a contractor.

What is contractor insurance?

Contractor insurance is protection for anyone who works for themselves – whether that’s as a contractor, a freelancer, or by any other name. You’re self-employed, so you’re responsible for covering your actions and any potential risks to your business, as well as the clients you work with.

A good insurance package can cover self-employed professionals in any number of industries, whether that’s Oil and Gas or IT, Media or Banking and Finance.

Why do you need contractor insurance?

Although, as a contractor, you can choose who you work with and who you don’t it’s unlikely that you’ll know your clients well. If you give professional guidance, and your client alleges you’ve given them bad advice or made a mistake, you need to be ready to protect yourself.

With professional indemnity insurance from Kingsbridge in place, for example, you’d be covered up to £1 million in any one claim. This means any legal defence costs, as well as damages awarded to the claimant, will be covered.

And what about other risks you might be exposed to as a contractor? Having a compliant and comprehensive insurance package will give you peace of mind across a wide variety of areas. If you get injured at work, you’ll be covered. If you damage the property of a client, you’ll be covered. If your client visits you at your workplace, you’ll be covered. For the costs involved, making sure you have cover in place is a very sensible option.

How can Kingsbridge help?

We aim to take the worry out of insurance and the burden of protection off your plate. We understand you’re busy as a contractor, so that’s why we specifically cater to the self-employed professional of today. Our insurance package rolls five products into one to make the process as straightforward as it can possibly be. We protect your contractor business with:

  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Employers’ liability insurance
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance
  • Occupational personal accident cover insurance

Some of the benefits of our five-product insurance package:

  • You’ll be dealing with an Arated insurer
  • You’ll have cover from previous work
  • You’ll get an easyto-manage package
  • It’s fast and straightforward to buy online
  • We cover an extensive range of professional occupations
  • We have flexible payment options

For more information, get in touch with our friendly team and they’ll answer any questions you have. You can call us on 01242808740 or chat with our online advisors by visiting and clicking the yellow button in the bottom right.

Would you like more information about contractor insurance?

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