Working from Home Expenses

4 August 2020

Working from Home Expenses

Most Source contractors will be familiar with being able to claim a fixed weekly amount for using their home as an office (currently £6 per week), but with increased home working due to the current situation, it might be worth pointing out that you have a choice to base a claim on either the fixed weekly amount or the actual cost of running your home office.

An actual claim needs to be based on the proportion of utility bills that relate to business and you would need to keep copies of these bills along with calculations to justify the amount you are claiming.

You are still able to claim for telephone and internet over and above home office claims, regardless of which method of claim you use for home office.

Additionally, contractors can claim mileage for the first two years of a contract via the temporary workplace expense arrangements.

It may be the case that two years has long since expired and with current work from home prevalence, you may therefore find that you are primarily working from home and occasionally having to go into the office. In circumstances such as this, where you are beyond the two year limit, you will be able to claim mileage for travel into the office.