FreeAgent Guides

Hello and welcome to our section which covers the FreeAgent software in a little more detail.

You can access the specific guides on the right hand side which will drill down into more detail. If you're new to the software then here are some videos which will help you get a good idea of how things work.

Dashboard Overview

This video is an overview of the main FreeAgent dashboard, you will see this every time you log in to the software. It gives you a breakdown of current bank balances, cash flow etc.


This video shows you how to view your company profits and other useful accounting reports.


This video shows you the banking section of the software and how it links automatically to your bank account.

Corporation Tax

This video shows you the Corporation Tax section of FreeAgent.


This video shows you how to send invoices to your client.


This shows you how to account for things you have paid for personally on behalf of the business.